Do you value your writing?

Are you looking to improve as a writer?

Are you looking for PRACTICAL and VALUABLE ways to do this? 

My passion is helping people transform into confident, efficient, and well-versed writers. I’m not here to take your work and simply “fix it”. I’m here to guide you through very tangible and real ways that will provide noticeable growth in your professional life. 

No matter what you do for work, writing is surely a part of that in one way or another.  Whether it’s sending memos to the office, writing for your blog or website, or corresponding with clients, writing is a necessary skill in virtually every workplace. 

As an artist and creator, I am a firm believer that all things improve organically with practice. And while this is still true, many adults hit a proverbial plateau with their writing capabilities. Does this resonate with you? Is writing a major part of your job, yet you don’t feel like you’ve learned anything since high school or college? Do you have even more questions about writing now than you did back then? 

Tangibly teaching writing in school is tough. It’s incredibly difficult (read: virtually impossible) for school to prepare us for using our writing in a professional environment. Every context and situation is different. My plan is to work with you to meet your specific needs based on your career, writing interests, and skill level. It’s my goal for you to come out the other side a better and more confident writer. 

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

One-on-One Consulting

I will work with you directly in order to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a finished piece of writing ready to be published or are simply looking to improve your writing for work performance, we will determine your greatest needs together and develop a plan designed just for you!

Collaborative Community

This space is designed for artists helping artists. I believe that we grow immensely as creators, professionals, and human beings when we support one another’s growth. Working with me connects you with an exclusive group of like-minded thinkers and dreamers (via Facebook) to support your continued creative and professional journey.

Transformation as a Writer and Professional

I’m a big picture kind of gal. I’m not here to simply fix the issue at hand. I’m here to help you see past your goal and to enable you to transform your writing. I want to give you permanently renewable resources that will positively change the way that you write and the way that you work. I can confidently guarantee that your writing will see significant improvement by working with me. Come see why!

I’m an artist first, and an editor second.

What does this mean?  This means that I see your writing for what it is: a work of Art! And artists don’t always fit into tiny boxes, where rules abound. Artists have a unique vision for their work that has a purpose, no matter what! Even if that purpose is simply your vision. I’m not here to squash your vision with an overload of grammatical rules and style stipulations. I’m here to help you grow and develop your vision into something that will captivate your readers and audience! I’m here to help you STAND OUT as a clear, personable, and impeccable writer. 

Looking at your writing as a work of art and not “just writing” ensures that I won’t simply put your work in a box. Sometimes, the “rules” don’t apply, and I get that! I have a unique ability of editing not just for correctness, but for your own voice and style. And don’t get me wrong – grammar, spelling, and style are important! But the voice coming through in your writing needs to be heard too – who says you can’t do both?

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