Why My Method Works

I’m not just a copy editor. I am a collaborator and a visionary. My passion goes further than improved copy; my passion is the people behind their work. My goal isn’t to make your piece of writing better. My goal is to make YOU a better writer, which in turn will make you a more effective communicator, a more efficient worker, and a more collaborative team member.

How do I make this happen?

All consultation and copy editing services begin with a detailed questionnaire that I send to you to fill out with as much detail as possible. The questions I give you are designed to get you thinking about your overall vision and goals. They are designed to help you get the most out of our workshopping and will get you actively thinking about how you want to improve as a writer and why that’s important.

This questionnaire isn’t just for your gain however – it’s my all-access pass to everything that makes you YOU! I encourage you to fill this out with as much detail as possible so that I can paint a big, beautiful picture of where you’re at creatively, professionally, and with your writing ability. From here I will develop a detailed plan, full of real and practical ways for you to get to where you want to be and beyond. Whether we are going through line edits or just in the consulting/workshop stages, all of my services include this questionnaire.

Collaboration is the very best way for creative professionals to continue to challenge themselves and is crucial for growth. All services that I provide also include one-on-one consulting; a space where you and I can have a real, human conversation about your scope of work as well as specific and overall visions. I guarantee that our time together is productive and incredibly life-giving. How? Because of that handy-dandy questionnaire, of course!

I reserve dedicated time to reading and understanding the answers in your questionnaire and spend very real time coming up with a very real plan, completely custom to you. Our call will be jam-packed with valuable and straightforward ways in which you can improve your writing, your writing process, your communication skills, whatever your needs are! There will be plenty of room for you to ask questions and to have a real and highly productive conversation with me. I hope that you can see me as both a collaborator and a mentor in this space as we work together to make your vision a reality!

I treat every single one of my projects and clients the way that I treat my own work – I give such a high level of care that a detailed analysis is inevitable. In other words, I will have a LOT of feedback and helpful resources to give you. And I definitely don’t expect you to remember everything we discuss on our call or have to disengage in order to take notes. All services come with written, detailed feedback created specifically for you and designed for you to use over and over again. The “why” behind my “why” is that I can provide you with resources that you can continue to apply in the context of your writing and overall work. Things that will help you work smarter, not harder, and make you a more effective communicator.

Ready to get started?

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